🎆 Happy New Year! What are your 2024 goals?

January 15, 2024 2 Comments

🎆  Happy New Year! What are your 2024 goals?

🎊 Happy New Year!  🎉 

👋🏾  Hi!  I hope your year has started off amazingly well!  And because this is the beginning of the year, my theme this month is New Beginnings.  Now wait, wait, wait, just hear me out 😆.  I know some of you may be skeptical, but I believe in setting goals and supporting those who also set goals.  I’ve found that the years that I set goals, I met them (or came close).  While the years I did not set goals, I found myself unfocused.  So, this year I set them. 

AND I set them using the SMART system.  Are you familiar with it?  It breaks down as:

1️⃣  Specific – Make sure your goal isn’t generalized.  I will go walking outdoors.

2️⃣  Measurable – Make sure your goal can be measured.  I will walk 10 miles outdoors.

3️⃣  Attainable – Make sure your goal is realistic for YOU. I will walk 10 miles a month, outdoors.

4️⃣  Relevant – Make sure your goal is relevant to another important aspect of your life.  I want to improve my health so I will walk 10 miles a month, outdoors.

5️⃣  Time-bound – Make sure your goal has a time limit. I want to improve my health so I will walk 10 miles outdoors, during the month of March.

📊 The first statement was very generic and setting a goal this way can often lead to dismissing it or forgetting the goal altogether.  But the final statement was specific.  It has UMPH!  You are more likely to remember and take steps toward this goal.

⚖️ This year, I want to improve my health so my goal is to lose 35 lbs by 31 August.  🏃🏽‍♀️ Phew!  I’ve said it.  It’s out in the universe, now.  🫣  Have you set any goals?   Do you use the SMART Goal system?  If so, comment with a goal you’ve set.  Put it out into the universe so we can chat about it later.  I know we’ll do great things!


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Valerie Petry
Valerie Petry

January 15, 2024

My main goal is to hit 3K listens on my podcast by March!!

Tequesta Lamar
Tequesta Lamar

January 15, 2024

This is my first time hearing the S.M.A.R.T method and it is very helpful! It simplifies the process of goal setting!

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