Product Care


The best way to preserve your handmade soap is to keep it out of standing water.  Most showers have built-in soap holders which are great for commercial soaps, but not so great for handmade soap.  Because they do not drain, they can leave your soap soft and mushy. 

BUT THERE IS HOPE!  We offer handmade wooden soap dishes that will drain excess water and keep your soap dry.  

We will soon be offering soap pouches that will also allow your soap to drain and dry while hanging.


While our sugar scrubs are made using a preservative, you should avoid getting water into them.  Use a scoop instead of wet fingers for use.  This will extend the shelf life of your product. 

Our salt scrubs do not contain a preservative and should not come into contact with water until being used.  They DO contain milk powders and other ingredients that love the skin, but not moisture.  Please keep them stored in a dry area.

As always, feel free to contact us if you have any questions.